Representation and Gallery Shows


Represented in Sweden
Linda Jacobson

Represented in Spain
Thomas Crown Art
Stephen Howes
+34 (Spain) 650 361 543
+44 (England) (0) 746 31.65.666


2014 Solo show Gallery Art Veritas Goteborg Sweden
2009-2014- Gallerie Scandanavia-Goteborg Sweden
2006-2009- GalleryGimbel -Ashland Oregon

2005 -Sylvia White Gallery Group show Los Angeles, California
2003-Sylvia White Gallery -Group show Chicago, Illinois 2002-Sylvia White Gallery -Group show -Los Angeles, California,NYC, New York
2001-Davis & Cline Gallery- Ashland, Oregon-Trio show
2000- Davis & Cline Gallery group show Ashland, Oregon 2000 -Sylvia White Gallery-group shows -Los Angeles, California, Chicago,NYC,New York
1999- Parag Gallery-group show – Copenhagen, Denmark
1999- Merrimans Gallery-solo show-Waimea, Hawaii
1999- Kahilu Theatre Gallery-solo show-Waimea gallery
1998-Mauna Lani Gallery-group show Kohala, Hawaii
1998- Kohala collection- group show Kohala, Hawaii
1998-Gallery of Great Things solo show-Waimea, Hawaii
1997- Kahilu Theatre- solo show- Waimea, Hawaii
1997 Big Island Hawaii Invitational-Awarded Gold award prize
1997- Pierre Le franc gallery-Paris France- group show
1997 Gallery of Great Things-Duet Show with Henry Bianchini -Waimea, Hawaii
1997- Rogal gallery-Group show-NYC,NY-
1996-Hoff gallery Amsterdam, Holland – group show
1996-Gallery of Great Things-Group show-Waimea, Hawaii
Rogal gallery-group show-NYC,NY
1995-Hawaii Invitational Show-Voted best in show
1995-Jill Youngblood gallery Los Angeles, California -duo show
1995-Mauna Lani gallery-kohala, Hawaii-solo show
1995-Rogal gallery-group show-NYC ,NY
1994- Laart Group show-Soho, NYC New York
1994-The char gallery-Solo show- Beverly Hills, California
1993-Allen Edwards’s salon- Solo Show-Beverly Hills, California
Vidal Sassoon GallerySolo show-Beverly Hills, California
1992-Tovar salon gallery-duet Show with Peter Max Beverly Hills, CA
1990- Jill Youngblood gallery-group show-Los Angeles, California
1989-Jill Youngblood Gallery-Group show
1988-La County Museum of Art-Group show-emerging artists program
1987- The Art group-group show-Los Angeles, Ca
1987-Muse restaurant Gallery- solo show, Los Angeles, CA
1985- Jill Youngblood gallery-group show- Los Angeles. ca
1979- Barnstall Park invitational -group show-Los Angeles

Selected publications:
A Journey Through The Senses
The Jane Fonda pregnancy book “Illustrations”
Maurice Jarre, album cover for movie “Apology”
The artist’s book Vol #2
Artists Of Hawaii

A Few Collectors:

Mr Martin Louis Cahnbley, Auckland, New Zealand
Mr Christian Jacobson Goteborg, Sweden
Mr Jonas Helstrom Kungsbacka, Sweden
Mrs Maysutoya Seikyo, Tokyo, Japan
Mr. Miles Fouyer, Lucerne, Switzerland
Mrs. Roberto Flummeries, Rome, Italy
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Converse, NYC, NY
Late-Mrs. Florene May Schoenborne, NYC, NY, board of trustee’s metropolitan museum of art and museum of modern art
Mr. & Mrs. Guido Josiah, Rome, Italy
Mr. A.E.Rothchilds, Paris, France
Mr. & Mrs. John Klatz, Stockholm, Sweden
Mr. & Mrs. Sven Jacobsson, Stockholm, Sweden
Mr. Edward Labastille, NYC, NY
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Hazzelholf, Amersterdam, Netherlands
Author of” The Soldier Of Orange”
Mrs. Emma Reade, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mrs. Jennifer Warren, Los Angeles, CA, Actress,Film Director
Mr. & Mrs. David Gerson, Hawaii, President Hawaiian Tropical
Mr. Frank Roberts, London, England
Dr. William Campbell, Waimea, Hawaii
Mr. & Mrs. Christian Montique, Sweden, France
Ms Janis Potters, Paris, France
Mr & Mrs Hakase Ayumi, Tokyo, Japan
Mr & Mrs Takeushi Shougo, Yokohama, Japan
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Vai, Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Mrs. Francine Dellequa, Paris, France, designer
Mrs. Luna Everest, Geneva, Switzerland
Mrs. Trudy Weil, Geneva Switzerland
Mr. Gillian Guestas, NYC, NY
Mrs. Evelyn Picks, NYC, NY
Mr. Danielle Sumpters, Los Angeles, CA; London, England
Mrs. Maria Myers Stoltz, NYC, NY
Dr Jeffery Mason, Beverly Hills, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sclafani, Nyc, NY
Mr. Gordon Motta, Ahualoa, Hawaii
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Warner, Waimea, Hawaii
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Gunther, Ahualoa, Hawaii